Across the globe, today has been set aside to celebrate our girls. Today isn’t set aside to celebrate them alone, but to reflect on our responsibilities as a family, clan, group, state and nation to protect and preserve the rights of girl child in order to open them to opportunities that will reveal the value in them.

On this International Girls’ Day, we stand with girls across the nation, particularly the kidnapped school girls who have been abducted since April; these girls are tomorrow’s leaders, CEOs of multinational companies in the future, brains behind the next breakthrough in medical science and engineering, we must not allow their futures to be endangered.

Thus, on this annual occasion, beyond continuous promises, I call on the Federal Government to rescue these girls from abduction which has spanned through the months. The Government has to renew its commitment to build a Nigeria where all our girls feel safe, supported, and encouraged to pursue their own goals and measure of happiness.

I commend all individuals, feminists, academic and vocational schools, NGOs and groups who have been committed to the development of girls across the nation; as we work to ameliorate the lives of girls in Nigeria, I urge you all to double efforts to ensure there are no barriers to their success of Nigerian girls at home and abroad, they must be high-flyers.

Lets stay away from harmful cultural norms and prejudices against our girls, promote gender equality, work to stop violence against girls, human trafficking among other social vices that affects our girls.

I wish all our girls Happy International Day of Girls.

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