Saraki Welcomes Buhari, Says: “President “ll Resume With Greater Vigour”

Saraki Welcomes Buhari, Says: “President “ll Resume With Greater Vigour”



President of the Senate, Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki, has welcomed President Muhammadu Buhari back to Nigeria.



In a statement signed by his Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Yusuph Olaniyonu, Saraki thanked God for the safe return and recovery of the President, and reaffirmed the commitment of the National Assembly to continue working alongside the President in achieving objectives aimed at improving the standard of living of Nigerians and overall development of the country.



“I thank Almighty Allah for bringing President Muhammadu Buhari back whole, hale and hearty. I am thoroughly delighted that President Buhari has returned home after his medical vacation”, the Senate President said, “I was privileged to have met him twice in London during the period of the vacation. After our first meeting, I told Nigerians there was no cause for alarm. After our recent lengthy meeting on Thursday this week, I informed Nigerians that Mr. President’s return home was imminent.



“In all, we must thank Almighty God for sparing all our lives and granting Mr. President a most remarkable recovery. His return marks a new lease of life for this administration. I am confident that Mr. President will resume with even more vigour to pursue an economic agenda that will improve the welfare of all Nigerians.




” On our part, the Senate is ready to work closely with the Executive and bend over backwards to support Mr. President. I congratulate all Nigerians on Mr. President’s return


“We thank the Acting President for his hard work in holding fort and steering the ship of governing the nation during this period.”



“May the Almighty Allah continue to bless our nation, and give our President, Muhammadu Buhari, the strength and wisdom to lead us successfully ” the Senate President said.






Yusuph Olaniyonu


Special Adviser (Media & Publicity) to the Senate President 

My Thoughts on the North East Development Commission Bill

Senate President, Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki, speaks on the No…

Yesterday, the Senate held a public hearing on the Bill to establish a North East Development Commission to help in the rehabilitation of areas affected by Boko Haram. These are my thoughts on this bill.

Posted by Abubakar Bukola Saraki on Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Remarks by Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki on #InternationalWomensDay

International Women’s Day (March 8) is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women around the world. On this special occasion, we must not only take a moment to reflect on the great achievements and transformative role that women of all ages have played across the globe – we must especially look at the impact and role of women and girls here in Nigeria.

We must take stock and appreciate the ever-evolving ways that women and girls continue to shape the social, cultural, economic and political future of this country. We must also reflect on the unique challenges that millions of women and children face in Nigerian society, their respective workplaces, and their homes as we strive to create an environment where all women and girls – regardless of age or ethnicity – can flourish, where they can thrive and where they can prosper.

Here in Nigeria, we too are in the process of what I like to call a “holistic recalibration.” This recalibration seeks to ensure the more efficient allocation, utilisation, and prioritisation of our national wealth and resources for the benefit of the millions of Nigerians that have been neglected in the past – most importantly the women and children.

Undoubtedly, as we re-prioritise under this administration of ‘Change’, we must employ proven Gender Mainstreaming strategies and policies, as well as map out appropriate legislative interventions to impact the lives of our female children and the women in our communities.

Coming from the perspective that if you “educate a woman, you educate a nation,” working with the appropriate committees of the Senate, we understand that the Legislative Agenda of the 8th Senate must be considered from a developmental perspective that leaves no man, woman or child behind.

With the Legislative Agenda’s section on National Economy and Sustainable Development, we will be focusing on enacting legislation that creates a more vibrant domestic business environment that diversifies the Nigerian economy. Doing this will create more opportunities for our female entrepreneurs, which research from the National Bureau of Statistics indicates own about 30 percent of the registered entrepreneurial businesses in Nigeria. As women continue to prosper in the private sector, the opportunities and benefits they create and unlock will be felt for generations to come.

Additionally, with the help of agencies, civil society organisations and NGOs, we will be working on exploring many of the strategic opportunities that exist for the long-term sustainable socio-economic development of our women and children.

Because we understand that:

Pushing for more legislative interventions that would get more of our women into the Nigerian labour force today, could boost the overall economy tomorrow.

Passing legislation that improves access to quality education for girls today, could significantly boost their income tomorrow and reduce the overall poverty levels in Nigeria.

Passing legislation that promotes stronger health systems today, could mean that maternal and child deaths drop dramatically tomorrow.

There are countless opportunities that exist, and this 8th Senate hopes to tap into them working in-line with Sustainable Development Goals #1, #3, #5, and #8, which seek to: End Poverty in all its forms everywhere; Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages; Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls; and Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth.

As we work on passing laws, which we hope will affect the lives and livelihoods of the citizenry, we will also be working on the appropriate legislative orientation efforts that will make certain that change in laws, promote a culture of positive change. What this means is that we will be working on our follow-through capabilities on both existing and new laws, and those that are still in the pipeline.

We intend to educate concerned stakeholders like the Judiciary, Legal Practioners, and CSOs on laws that affect women. In this regard, I believe that a great place to start would be on hosting a Joint Capacity-Building and Sensitization Workshop on the Violence Against Persons Prohibition Act of 2015 in Nigeria: With special reference to Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG).

Again, I want to re-assure you of the 8th National Assembly’s commitment to bettering the lives of all Nigerian women and children and reaffirm our dedication to building Nigeria into a nation that embraces, empowers and believes in the transformative potential of women and girls.

Happy #InternationalWomensDay!

Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki

President of the Senate

Federal Republic of Nigeria

Letter from former President Olusegun Obasanjo

Yesterday, I acknowledged that I received a letter from former President Olusegun Obasanjo in which he called the attention of the National Assembly to some issues.

I will want to assure President Obasanjo that the leadership and membership of the 8th Senate are committed to good governance, transparency, accountability, due process and responsiveness to the economic reality of our nation. It is for this reason that the legislative chamber has introduced bold and progressive reforms in the management of the finances of the National Assembly.

This is of even greater importance during a tough fiscal period for our country. Like i said during my closing address at the plenary after our debate on the 2016 Budget, the Senate must lead by example in terms of our own funding, budgets and accountability – showing, beyond doubt, value for money. I have canvassed that we must lay bare the budget of the Senate, nay the National Assembly and its affiliated institutions.

I equally canvassed the need to strengthen the capacity of the legislative institution to carry our effective oversight of the executive arm so that we can ensure the budget leads to the realization of the policy objectives of the Buhari Administration. Again, let me reiterate my position in the speech i made this morning on the need for us to work towards blocking all areas of revenue leakages while also strengthening the anti-corruption agencies so that the little resources that are now available will serve the interest of the overwhelming majority.

As a former President and a father of the nation that we all hold in high esteem , i intend to reply the letter and outline the actions the Senate is taking to address his concerns.

In conclusion, I appreciate President Obasanjo for his consistent role in always reminding those of us in government about our responsibilities to the general public and offering timely advise where necessary.


Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki


The attention of the Office of Senator Abubakar Bukola Saraki has been drawn to a publication made in some national dailies, especially Leadership Newspaper, Thisday Newspaper and The Nation Newspaper; wherein it was stated that about forty-nine Senators who lost out on their return bid to the Senate had planned to remove Senator David Mark from the Senate Presidency and replace him with either Senators Saraki or Akume.

We would like to state categorically and unequivocally that Senator Abubakar Bukola Saraki, the Senator representing Kwara Central Senatorial district of Kwara State has no knowledge of these developments, and is not a part of any plan by any individual, or group of Senators, or political caucus, that has to do with the said publication in the aforementioned dailies; and he will not be a party to such for any reason whatsoever.

Sequel to this, it is our candid opinion and belief that any Senator that has lost his bid to return to the Senate should lay on his bed as he or she has found it, and not result to the sponsorship of canard and divisive ideas and information. Hence, individual Senators must bear their own respective crosses

It is common knowledge that when Senator Saraki was the Chairman of Governors’ Forum, he fought with his colleagues to ensure that at least each state of the Federation returned one Senator – which was why there was a reasonable turnover in the Senate in the 2011 election.

Senator Saraki is of the view that if the senators who lost out in their return bid truly wanted to take up any matter with the leadership of the Senate, they would have done so a long time ago when some matters of public importance and national interest were handled in a manner short of democratic principles by the Senate Leadership. However, in those times, most of them turned a blind eye to those developments because of their personal ambitions.

In view of the above, we would like to inform the general public, supporters and well-wishers of Senator Bukola Saraki across the nation and beyond, that Senator Saraki is not in support of Senator David Mark’s impeachment and he would not be a party to such moves – if, or when, made or initiated by any Senator or group of Senators.

EBOLA: Senator Bukola Saraki Commends Nigeria Health Workers

I join Nigerians all over the world to celebrate the World Health Organisation declaring our country ‘Ebola free’.

This is a significant achievement that must be celebrated by every Nigerian, regardless of what aisle of our numerous political divides that we stand on. The way that we all came together to combat this disease makes me believe that together Nigeria stands as an unconquerable and indivisible nation.

We must all commend everyone that played a role in this victory, especially our healthcare workers that stood on the frontlines to halt the Ebola virus from spreading. And as we do so, we must also remember the heroes – our dear and departed countrymen and women – who gave their lives in service of their nation, by maintaining the integrity of the medical profession.

Today, as we stand as a nation that has defeated this virus, we must also remember our sister-nations in Africa that are still struggling to contain this disease. I call on the Federal Government and all well-meaning Nigerians to offer any help and assistance that can be rendered, in order to ensure that this potential epidemic is dealt with globally – once and for all.



The attention of the media office of Senator Bukola Saraki CON has been drawn to today’s publications in Daily Trust Newspaper where it was stated that the former Governor of Kwara State suspends his 2015 Presidential ‎Bid and would be supporting General Mohammed Buhari, a Presidential aspirant under APC. It is pertinent to state here that while all the Newspapers across the country published the correct press release, including online platforms, it is only Daily Trust Newspaper that publish an incorrect and total misleading statemt which is never contained in Senator Saraki’s relaese.

We wish to make it categorically clear and without any ambiguity that Senator Bukola Saraki did not and has not said he would be supporting any particular Presidential aspirant under his party, All Progressives Congress, APC, rather, the Senator said ‎he would not endorse any of the aspirants immediately but he would make his mind known to the general public in due course. This is exactly what Saraki said.

It is pertinent to state here that Senator Saraki being an astute politician in the Nigeria Polity is not a politician that stand alone on his presidential bid. He believes in consultation, openness and ‎collective responsibility, hence, he would need to meet, consult and take a joint decision on his next line of action about who to support. To say he is already backing a particular presidential aspirant is an erroneous statement which is meant to tarnish his image and to paint him in bad light before all concerned.

It is on this note that we urge the publisher of this misrepresented publication to withdraw same and instead of misleading the general public in this regard.

Finally, we wish to reiterate once again for record purposes that Distinguished Senator Bukola Saraki has neither made it public neither is it contained in his earlier released statement that having suspended his Presidential Interest for 2015, he has done so to give his support to a particular presidential aspirant. This is far from the truth and the general public should be properly guided accordingly.

Senator Saraki has made a commitment and uncommon sacrifice in the interest of his party, APC and Nigeria in general, therefore, his sees himself to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem of the party. ‎Senator Saraki will soon meet and consult with his political associates in this regards and made his mind know to the public.


Bamikole Omishore

Senator Saraki Suspends 2015 Presidential Bid in interest of country and party

After months of wide but careful deliberations and consultations with my family, friends, political associates and supporters, today, I am announcing the suspension of my Presidential Bid in the interest of our country and party.

As it stands, I have been deeply humbled by the spark that my prospective candidacy has ignited among Nigerians across Nigeria and abroad; Young people, youth groups, and stakeholders from all geo-political zones have sought the change that they wish to see.

These young people by their overwhelming support have not only

encouraged my candidacy, they have endorsed the change that they

desperately crave.

As complicated as the political outlook of 2015 currently seems, now is the time for well-meaning Nigerians from all works of life to

fall-in-line and become rank-and-file soldiers in our struggle to

reclaim our nation.

I have always maintained that I did not leave the ruling party for

the opposition because of any personal interest; Anyone who

understands Nigerian politics would know that it takes serious courage, rugged doggedness and self-sacrifice to do that. Therefore, whether it is on the issue of the party or all other issues that I have been pushing in my position as a Senator of the Federal Republic, the primal purpose that drives me is the desire to see a better and more purposely governed Nigeria.

Fixing Nigeria cannot be done by any an individual effort, because fixing Nigeria is an assignment that goes beyond the power of any individual or party; it is beyond individual’s ambition and zeal. Fixing a nation like Nigeria with daunting challenges that have accumulated over the years, will take a combined effort. Due to this, I believe that as we move forward to the next elections, now is the time “for every patriotic Nigerian, particularly those in the political terrain to base their ambitions and interest in the context of the country’s overall interest.”

In any healthy democracy, several people will always compete. Even at that, by virtue of the notion of completion, only one can emerge at

the end of the day. What this means is that several others may be left disappointed. To my party-men and women, to all our candidates competing for the highest office in the land, we must remember that as we move on to take the lead in this fight for the future of our great country, our party cannot afford too much internal rancour going into next year’s election. Therefore, some of us need to make personal sacrifice and be part of the solution rather than parts of the problem of the party – and in turn, the country.

This explains why some of us feel that we must make necessary sacrifices and contribute immensely to building a strong and united party that provides the only real alternative to the floundering Government that has become too constipated on power and lost touch with the realities that ordinary Nigerians grapple with everyday.

Moving forward, we need to change the way the country is run; we need change in our security and the values we place on human life; we need to change the current disgraceful situation in security and corruption. And I believe only the APC can bring about this change and give our country the leadership that it deserves.

But we must not stop here. To bring about this change, we must knock on doors, and travel far and wide and spread the ideology of a new Nigeria. We must let Nigerians know that as we seek their mandate as a party and as politicians, they must hold us accountable for the promises that we make during election time. We must let them know that gone are the days of politics-as-usual, empty-promises-as-usual and stomach infrastructure instead of tangible and progressive change.

Because of this, we must chart a new course. As a party, we must

establish a CONTRACT WITH NIGERIA that sends a message that change is coming, and change is ever-so-close… But we, as the custodians of our own future, have to grab our change by taking our collective destiny into our own hands at the ballot box.

I continue to stand committed to progressive and successful Nigeria. I continue to remain committed to my supporters, and thankful for their unwavering encouragement over the last few months. I thank my family, loyalists, followers and groups across the country such as Save Kwara Forum, Members of New Nigeria Generation, ABS Vanguard, The NigeriaPositive Change Group, All Progressive Youth Forum, Project Nigeria first, Nigerians in Diaspora Group and others too numerous to mention that have urged me to join the presidential race because of their belief in my ability to fix this country, I say do not be disappointed as a result of this sacrificial decision i have taken in the interest of our country. I thank the other Presidential aspirants and leaders on the platform of the APC who have sat down with me to discuss ways of moving this nation forward. All our candidates stand head and shoulders over the leadership that we have today – and I know that they too are dedicated to fixing Nigeria…

To reiterate and wrap up, as Nnamdi Azikiwe once said: “We must do for ourselves what others hesitate to do for us.” Because of this, I speak directly to every Nigerian when I say: change is a joint effort.

Change will not happen by shying away from the ballot box. Change will only occur when we, as Nigerians, decide – as one – that we want change, and nothing will deter us from having it.

We must keep hope alive and be assured that who ever will receive my support and endorsement will be someone who believes in our aspiration, interest and yearning for a better future for our teaming youth. I hereby reinstate my commitment to the interest of the youths being protected and secured so that at the end of the day, everyone will speak with one voice that we will all be proud of.

Thank you for your time.


Across the globe, today has been set aside to celebrate our girls. Today isn’t set aside to celebrate them alone, but to reflect on our responsibilities as a family, clan, group, state and nation to protect and preserve the rights of girl child in order to open them to opportunities that will reveal the value in them.

On this International Girls’ Day, we stand with girls across the nation, particularly the kidnapped school girls who have been abducted since April; these girls are tomorrow’s leaders, CEOs of multinational companies in the future, brains behind the next breakthrough in medical science and engineering, we must not allow their futures to be endangered.

Thus, on this annual occasion, beyond continuous promises, I call on the Federal Government to rescue these girls from abduction which has spanned through the months. The Government has to renew its commitment to build a Nigeria where all our girls feel safe, supported, and encouraged to pursue their own goals and measure of happiness.

I commend all individuals, feminists, academic and vocational schools, NGOs and groups who have been committed to the development of girls across the nation; as we work to ameliorate the lives of girls in Nigeria, I urge you all to double efforts to ensure there are no barriers to their success of Nigerian girls at home and abroad, they must be high-flyers.

Lets stay away from harmful cultural norms and prejudices against our girls, promote gender equality, work to stop violence against girls, human trafficking among other social vices that affects our girls.

I wish all our girls Happy International Day of Girls.